The Webb Deep-Sky Society has a wide range of publications including our Journal, The Deep-Sky Observer (DSO), observing guides and charts.

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Due to our international nature, the cost of postage and pricing in local currencies varies widely. To enquire about price, delivery or to order any of our publications please contact Webb Deep-Sky Society sales (

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The Deep Sky Observer (DSO)

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Profusely illustrated, The Deep-Sky Observer is the consolidated publication of what was formerly the Quarterly Journal and the Deep-Sky Observer.

Printed on art paper, its magazine format encourages all amateurs to make a contribution to the Society's work. The Deep-Sky Observer is now published quarterly.

Webb Deep-Sky Society Publications

Webb Deep-Sky Society Guides and Handbooks

The Webb Society has a long tradition of producing high quality guides and handbooks aimed at the practical deep-sky observer.

Alvin Huey's Observer's Guides

Alvin Huey's Observer's Guides

In conjunction with Alvin Huey of the Webb Deep-Sky Society brings you a series of excellent observing guides.

Reiner Vogel's Observing Guides

Reiner Vogel's Observing Guides

In conjunction with Reiner Vogel of the Webb Deep-Sky Society brings you a series of excellent observing guides to seriously faint objects.

Willmann-Bell Publications

Willmann-Bell Publictions - Annals of the Deep Sky Volume 6 cover image

The Webb Deep-Sky Society brings you a selection of Willmann-Bell's excellent publications.

Free observing guides to download

Downloadable guides by our members

Observing guides to download for free including Massimo Zecchin's fantastic atlas of planetary nebulae observed with small apertures and from suburban locations, entitled: "The Brightest Planetary Nebulae Observing Atlas", and Owen Brazell's Deep Sky Forum Object of the Week SkyTools files.

Historical documents and sketches on CD-ROM

John Hershel's Astronomical Observations from the Cape

We offer three CDs containing the following documents.

  1. Lord Rosse's Observations of the Nebulae.
  2. Webb's Celestial Objects for Common Telescopes 1st Edition and W Lassell's Drawings of the Nebulae.
  3. John Hershel's Astronomical Observations from the Cape and other papers.

Price is £5 each CD, or £10 for all three! (before P&P).

The Book Review Index

DSO journal book review index snapshot

We have reviewed many books in the Quarterly Journal and then in the Deep-Sky Observer. You can download a copy of our book review index as a PDF.