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Each year the Webb Society presents an Webb Society Award and a Graphics Award a member of the Society.

Webb Society Award

Year Presented To Award Given For
1996 Jenni Kay The 1996 award went to Jenni Kay of Lobethal, South Australia. As the most productive Southern Hemisphere observer, Jenni managed to convey very well her impressions of the region of the Large Magellanic Cloud. 
1998 Barbara Wilson This is awarded to Barbara Wilson of Houston, Texas for her paper in the Webb Society Quarterly Journal Issue No 114 (Oct 1998) entitled "Obscure Globular Clusters of the Milky Way: Terzan Clusters and the Faintest Globular UKS-1" Modern deep-sky amateur astronomy is rapidly becoming being taken over by the "CCD revolution". The Webb Society strives to redress the balance between the CCD observer and the visual observer. This paper shows how the visual observer can still make an impact, albeit using large apertures in a good climate. 
2000 Mike Ropolewski The Webb Society Award for 2000 goes to Mike Ropolewski for his articles on double star observing in the DSO and for his well-written and popular `Atlas of Double Stars'
2001 Ron Buta The Committee has been considering the contributions made to the publications by some members over a long timescale. We have decided to give the Award for 2001 to Ron Buta for his series of articles entitled ‘The Dream Period’. In these he has written very persuasively about the attractions of visual amateur astronomy even though he became a successful professional astronomer.
2002 Miles Paul Presented to Miles Paul for his excellent work on Galaxy Trios which has proved both an interesting and popular publication.
2007 Owen Brazell For his many contributions to the Society not least of which was for 16 years as Editor of the DSO
2019 Andrew Robertson For his contributions to the Society in both written work for the DSO and on the Commitee. In recognition of his work with the Kelling Star Party.


Graphics Award


Year Presented To Award Given For
1996 Richard Jakiel The 1996 graphics award went to Richard Jakiel of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. for his beautiful drawings for the Galaxy Section Report in OSR17 and for his article on HII regions in the recent QJ.
1998 Faith Jordan The Committee has awarded this to Faith Jordan for her article on observing in Australia. The drawings which accompanied the article are excellent examples of how to use the hand and eye. Since then, Faith has follwed this up by writing a Guide to Deep-Sky observing in which she dispenses much good advice for those just beginning to observe. 
2000 Martin Germano We have given the 2000 Graphics Award to Martin Germano for his exquisite work in stellar photography which has graced the pages of the DSO for some time.
2001 Jan Sandström Another long-term contributor, who has consistently fought for the visual side of deep-sky observing is Jan Sandström of Sweden. We are delighted to announce that he has been awarded the Graphics Award for 2001.
2004 Rainer Töpler For his superb two-part article on observing planetary nebulae in DSO 136 and 137.
2007 Steve Crouch For his outstanding images which have been used in many of the Society's publications and also on our website.
2011 Paul A. Brierley  

AGM - History


AGM Date/Venue Speakers


Sept 5 Winkfield, Berks  I. Genner, J.C.C.Larard, Dr. D.A.Allen


Sept 9 Palmers Green, London  Dr. D.A.Allen, E.G.Moore, W.G.Wakefield, R.W.Argyle


Nov 24 Cambridge (with Cambridge Astronomical Association)  T.Smartt, Mr.Allanson, Dr. D.A.Allen, R.W.Argyle, D.W.Dewhirst


Sept 7 Cranebank, Heathrow Airport, London  Dr. D.A.Allen, K.G.Jones, E.G.Moore


Sept 6 Luton, Beds (with Luton Astronomical Society)  E.G.Moore, D.Early, S.J.Anderson


Sept 4 Royal Greenwich Observatory, Herstmonceux, Susses  C.M.Pither, B.J.McInnerny, E.S.Barker, K.G.Jones


Sept 3 Royal Observatory, Greenwich  Dr. D.A.Allen, R.W.Argyle, C.M.Pither, E.G.Moore, J.Dix


Sept 23 Wimborne Minster, Dorset (with Wessex Astronomical Society)  R.W.Argyle, C.M.Pither, D.Branchett, E.S.Barker


Sept 1 Fellows Room, Burlington House, London  E.S.Barker, Dr. G.S.Whiston, G.M.Hurst, Dr. D.A.Allen


Sept 13 Guildford, Surrey  C.M.Pither, E.S.Barker, J.R.Smith, M.B.Swan


Mar 26 Fellows Room, Burlington House, London  E.G.Moore, E.S.Barker, R.W.Argyle, M.B.Swan


May 20 Fellows Room, Burlington House, London  R.W.Argyle, E.S.Barker, M.B.Swan, J. Kaznica


May 25 Fellows Room, Burlington House, London  J.K.Irving, Dr. K.Taylor, G. Mitchell


May 31 Fellows Room, Burlington House, London  Prof. M.J.Seaton, A. Dowdell, J.Lewis, M.B.Swan


May 30 Fellows Room, Burlington House, London  R.Arbour, M.J.Yates, M.B.Swan


May 22 Fellows Room, Burlington House, London  C.Stott, D.Greenwood, D.Buczynski


May 20 Fellows Room, Burlington House, London  D.J.Miles, R.W.Argyle, M.Ratcliff


May 26 Fellows Room, Burlington House, London  J.Ells, Dr. R.G.McMahon, D.J.Miles


May 25 Fellows Room, Burlington House, London  Dr. R.Clegg, I.Ridpath, M.B.Swan, L.Forbes


May 11 Holborn Library, London  Prof. M.Rowan-Robinson, R.Moseley, O.Brazell


Jun 6 Royal Greenwich Observatory, Cambridge  Dr. N.Hewitt, J.Kaznica, Prof. H.Arp, Dr. R.V.Willstrop, M.Gavin


Jun 5 Royal Greenwich Observatory, Cambridge  T.Platt. Dr. W.P.Meikle, D.Eicher, A.Dowdell


May 21 Royal Greenwich Observatory, Cambridge  A.Colburn, N.Szymanek, I.King, P.Hodgins, D.W.Dewhirst, Prof. A.Oemler


May 20 Royal Greenwich Observatory, Cambridge  A.Dowdell, R.Fleet, N.Evans, Dr. R.C.Thomson, M.Gavin, Dr. M. Hoskin


Jun 1 Royal Greenwich Observatory, Cambridge  Owen Brazell, P.Hodgins, N. Szymanek, I.King, Dr. C.D.Mackay, D.Strange


May 24 Royal Greenwich Observatory, Cambridge  G.Sallit, Dr. S.L.Moore, Dr. Anne Kinney, B.Skiff


Apr 18 Royal Greenwich Observatory, Cambridge  Dr. N.Hewitt, F.Jordan, Prof. A.Fabian, Dr. A.Catterall


May 22 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Oxon  M.Griffith, N.Szymanek, I.King, Dr. C.Aspin, R. Henriksson


May 13 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Oxon  T.Boles, Y.Pothier, Dr. M.Bryce, Dr. A.Chapman


May 19 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Oxon  P.Perkins, R.Stoyan, R.Jakiel, Prof A.Dean


May 18 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory, Chilton, Oxon  N.Martin, D.Ratledge, Dr. H.Walker, Prof. J.Binney


May 17 Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge  Dr. S.Smartt, O.Brazell, Dr. M.Hoskin, Dr. S.L.Moore, M.Nicholson


Jun 19 Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge  Dr. P.Hewett, Prof. M.J.Rees, S.Mandel, P.Clark


Oct 8 AWRE, Aldermaston, Berks  M.Steine, W.Steinicke, G.Sallit, G.Rogers, R.W.Argyle


Dec 2 Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge  M.Lewis, J.& M.Robinson, Dr. A.Catterall, W.Steinicke


Dec 1 Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge  Dr. N.Hewitt, Derrick Farley, Ron Buta, Craig Mackay, Paul McGale


Dec 6 Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge  Lee Macdonald, Andrea Tasselli, Chris Tout, Albert Zijlstra, Ronald Stoyan


Dec 5 Institute of Astronomy, Cambridge  Dr David Green, Dr Wolfgang Steinicke, Mark Hurn, Prof Janet Drew, Ian King


Cancelled due to bad weather in the UK  

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