The Webb Deep-Sky Society 


The Webb Deep-Sky Society has published 9 Observation Handbooks.

Vol 1    Double Stars (Second edition - 1986) written by Bob Argyle.
Vol 2    Planetary and Gaseous Nebulae (1978) written by David Allen and Edmund Barker. (A revised version is being prepared).
Vol 3    Open and Globular Clusters (1980) written by Edmund Barker
Vol 4    Galaxies (1981) written by Edmund Barker
Vol 5    Clusters of Galaxies (1982) written by George Whiston
Vol 6    Anonymous Galaxies (1987) written by Malcolm Thomson and Ronald Morales
Vol 7    The Southern Sky (1987) written by Steven Hynes
Vol 8    Variable Stars (1990) written by John Isles

Vol 9    Webb Society Star Atlas written by Mike Swan

(NB - Observation Handbooks Vol 1 to 5 are now out of print.)

A Visual Atlas of the Magellanic Clouds - written by Jenni Kay FRAS  

An Introduction to Visual Deep-Sky Observing - written by Faith Jordan  

Extragalactic Objects Discovered as Variable Stars - written by Wolfgang Steinicke  

A Visual Atlas of Double Stars Vol 1 - written by Mike Ropelewski 

A Visual Atlas of Double Stars Vol 2 - written by Mike Ropelewski 

The Bennett Catalogue - written by Jenni Kay & Magda Streicher

Monograph Series

Monograph No. 1 - The "Non-Existent" Star Clusters of the RNGC (1993) Written by Brent A. Archinal

Obtaining Copies

Copies of handbooks and monograph can be obtained from Don Miles (in the UK) and John E. Isles in the U.S.A.

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